The Best Way to Utilize an Accident Reconstruction Expert

You just had a case involving a serious automobile accident come across your desk. This case, as in most cases, is far from straightforward and must be further investigated. In this case, an accident reconstruction expert will be crucial. You’ll need this expert witness to take a closer, deeper look at what actually happened during this case, and to find out where your client stands.
Are they at fault? Are they the victim? Only an accident reconstruction expert has the right education, knowledge, and experience to do what must be done to uncover the facts in your case.
But how do you get the most out of your accident reconstruction expert, and make sure they are the right person you’ll need to win?

Raise the Value

It is well known that automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury. So in order to make sure you are getting the absolute highest amount of value from your case, there are three things you need to do:
Calculate what your costs are: In order to make the most out of your case, you’ll need an expert witness that fully understands the policy and loss calculations of your client. Make sure that your accident reconstruction expert presents and defends the estimations and assumptions so that your client is being treated fairly in the proceeding.

Evaluate the strength of your case: An Impact Severity Analysis will accurately evaluate how strong of a case you have. If will also provide a large amount of clarity on the true extent of the accident, the impact of the collision, and the amount of injury sustained by your client. With this information in hand, your case will be that much easier to represent.

Increase the overall value: There are no exact ways to settle an insurance claim. It’s not an exact science by any means. Settling an insurance claim is above all a negotiation. The insurance company has already set aside an amount for the settlement. With the help of an accident reconstruction expert, you’ll be aided in determining the actual value of your case. Once you know how much your case is actually worth, you’ll be in a better position to raise the actual value of the case.

Severity of the Impact

One of the areas covered by an accident reconstruction expert is to undergo an extensive Impact Severity Analysis. Your expert witness must also be an engineering specialist in order to be able to properly analyze the damage in the provided photographs. They must be able to analyze the collision and repair estimate and run a comparison with the strength of the vehicle shown in the published vehicle specifications.

Their analysis will thereby determine the speed the vehicle was traveling upon impact of the striking vehicle, as well as compare that to the velocity change of the vehicle that was impacted. This is done by a series of calculations that will determine the actual severity of the accident, and will therefore be able to provide with an accurate value of how much your case is worth.

An accident reconstruction expert is a specialist that has been trained an educated in the methods and knowledge needed to take mere photographs of an accident, as well as detailed information of the occurrence and come up with an actual value for how much your case is worth.

Having the value of your case is crucial, so that when you enter your negotiation with the insurance company, as well as the representation of the other client, you have the right questions and can get the right answers.

To get the right accident reconstruction expert for your case, contact Saponaro, Inc. We have a massive network of available expert witnesses that can help you get the right facts, and the right information to determine the value of your case so you can be successful.